Monday, 4 August 2014

The Occupy Movement and Small-a Anarchism

I've written a review article focusing on David Graeber's account of Occupy Wall Street in his book - The Democracy Project.

Graeber advocates "small-a anarchism" and consensus decision-making. In what I hope is a constructively critical review, I highlight some of the problems with this particular form of anarchism and the model of consensus decision-making that it promotes. This is not, by the way, an anti-anarchist rant. Class struggle anarchists would probably agree with all but one of the critical points I make.

Among other things, I am critical of the kind of consensus decision-making advocated by Graeber and small-a anarchists, on the grounds that "There is considerable evidence that consensus decision-making provides those who are time rich with substantially more influence than those who are time poor because of parental responsibilities and/or paid work commitments." I am not convinced that consensus decion-making alienates less people than the use of voting in situations where a consensus cannot be reached easily.

In the process of researching this article I read a superb account and critical evaluation of contemporary anarchism at See also a socialist critique of prefigurative politics at:
For an excellent socialist evaluation of Occupy Wall Street see:

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