Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Is Cosmopolitan Social Democracy a Feasible Alternative to Neoliberalism?

If you interested in whether or not there is an alternative to the neoliberal policy regimes that dominant government approaches to economic management and policy-making in the advanced capitalist societies, then have a look at the article of mine on David Held's cosmopolitian social democracy. It is available in the UK journal Capital and Class, 35 (2): 253-274 (2011). Access on line at:

The abstract reads:

Held argues that globalisation is undermining democracy at the level of the nation-state. Responding to this and the escalation of military conflict, mounting scale of environmental problems and increasing global inequality, he argues for the establishment of cosmopolitan democracy to enable the global implementation of social democratic policies. This article provides an exposition and critical evaluation of cosmopolitan social democracy (CSD), identifying its main strengths and weaknesses, and argues that Held advocates CSD to remedy the world’s major problems by reforming the global capitalist order but this is unlikely to work because these problems will persist until capitalism is replaced by socialism. 

Key words: neoliberalism; cosmopolitan democracy; cosmopolitian social democracy; David Held; socialism; global justice; reformism; globalisation.

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